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Passionate Team

Our team of Chefs are from Lebanon and with their great culinary skills would never settle for less when it comes to taste and high quality food. So, to experience our friendly ambience and great service, come and visit us soon and try for yourself our delicious Lebanese cuisine here at Lebanese Village.

Exotic Flavors

Discover the freshness in every mouthwatering bite. Lebanese Village use only the freshest, finest authentic ingredients in all their dishes. The best Olive Oil, herbs, and spices come directly from Lebanon. Using fresh meat and vegetables too making our cuisine not only healthy, but oozing with flavor.

Authentic taste

We offer the authentic taste of healthy & delicious traditional Lebanese cuisine cooked in finest quality ingredients with diverse natural essence giving an exotic burst of flavors serving as a perfect epitome of our traditional & cultural feel.  


Culinary Vision


Our vision is to introduce more organic ingredients, enhancing and bringing out the flavours in all our authentic Lebanese food. We at Lebanese Village have a genuine desire to showcase the very finest traditional culinary skills and culture to our customers.



Great Chef’s

Meet our super professional and passionate culinary enthusiasts who solely work dedicating their skills serving you authentic quality Lebanese food and making your experience at Lebanese Village enjoyable so you step out with fulfilment, happiness, and satisfaction. 

In addition to this, our chefs use their creativity, managerial skills, and fascination that go into preparing, cooking, and serving the clients. They combine their best abilities, ideas, and inspirations to produce impeccable menus with healthy and tasty meals.



Head Chef

Meet our Head Chef Shady- a dedicated and food-driven being behind our delicious and mouthwatering dishes. With his culinary expertise.

He also manages and supervises all areas, making sure to put his soul and heart into making your dining experience remarkable. As an epitome of hard workShady experiments with the interesting food and as a result has created exclusive dishes and meals that have been added into our menu.

Shady is positive that his traditional cuisine has the potential to becoming the most popular in taste, flavours, freshness, uniqueness, presentation, & temptation. Thus, his efforts and commitment is replicated in the meals you taste.




An important introduction is for our restaurant manager who is responsible for thoroughly overseeing profitability 

of Lebanese Village and managing his employees. With his brilliant eye he hires individuals ensuring their compliance with the restaurant policies, training new employees, and above all, entitled to ensuring best customer services with rightly managed and coordinated duties with the employees. Razin seeks to provide the smooth and efficient outcomes of our restaurant through pleasant experiences of our customers.



General Manager

The individual behind the incredible success and prominence of Lebanese Village is Mitra. Her contribution

 includes all kinds of marketing strategies, advertising, publications and events. Moreover, her spontaneous, highly focused, and detail oriented nature makes it easier to create information to drive the business, manage multiple strategies, campaigns, & opportunities. The investigation done by her is up to the mark with the latest trends and fashion which then adds to the strengths and reputation of Lebanese Village.




Our Kitchen expert Sam makes sure everything is top-notch before its gets to you. From picking and deciding healthy, nutritional ingredients 

and spices that satisfy the customers, to the talent of his executive skills Sam is quality focused on running things smoothly, ensures fine dining for the customers, and inspires the staff.


What Our Customers Say



Come and Discover Our Restaurant

Enjoy the exotic culinary experience at the Lebanese Village, a place where our customers can experience our amazing authentic Lebanese Cusine. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients with excellent services that represent our traditional Lebanese culture.

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